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Stylish Solutions for Awkward Spaces

In case you haven't heard, awkward is the new cool. Embrace that small corner, uneven nook, or shallow mantel with these stylish tricks that will make you wish you thought of them sooner.

Behind a Door
A door can't be open all the time. Deck the wall behind it with a short console table and tall mirror for an entryway you can't help but check out.

A Small Corner
Who cares what's around the corner when the corner looks this good? Hanging lanterns and indoor shrubs redefine a coat rack (and garden, too!).

Under a Staircase
The space beneath a staircase doesn't have to be scary. Make it feel inviting with a mod sign and matching bench. Just be sure to keep the area clutter-free.

Above a Radiator
A radiator doesn't have to be that creaky old thing you try to ignore. Cover one with vented woodwork, then spruce it up with vases, artwork, and practical hooks. A pretty glass pendant further showcases the often overlooked space.

In a Nook
Stuck on how to style that awkward space between two walls? A tight nook is the perfect place to set up an office, and thanks to personalized wallpaper, a small desk, and vintage hanging storage, it might just be your new happy place.

Maximize a Small Nook
Have a small nook you aren't sure what to do with? Try these smart ideas.

Small Walls
Make a miniscule wall noteworthy with a chalkboard and motivational artwork. Crates and baskets keep shoes organized beneath a small console table. Bonus: Peonies make everything prettier.

Beneath Open Sinks
No bathroom cabinets? No problem. Fill basic woven baskets with all the essential toiletries for a tidy way to save space. Toilet paper and towels have never looked better.

Above a Laundry Machine
Even your laundry room can be stylish, thanks to spiffy shelves and a fresh, flowery countertop. Wire and wicker bins organize cleaning supplies, while motivational wall art makes laundry just a little less tedious.

A Cramped Mudroom
Who says a mudroom has to be a sidenote? Shelves filled with baking essentials pull double-duty as a pantry. Cute fuzzy stools and a floral chandelier keep you coming back for more.

Narrow Hallway
Play up a skinny hallway with chalkboard art that runs from end to end. Sweet messages carry you from one room to the next. A rustic barn door on a track connects to additional areas while keeping a long hallway functional.

Nonexistent Entryway
If your home isn't outfitted with the perfect entryway -- or any entryway at all -- build it yourself. Define the space with a rug, then add hooks and a bench to give purpose to a nearby wall.

Small Landing
Your landing might be small, but its level of style can be far from it. A glitzy gold chair and animal-print pillow says all eyes on me, while a matching wall color and rug tie the space together.

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