Cara Slater Designs

Cara has a wonderful team of junior designers, architects, draftsmen and consults with the finest contractors to bring your vision to life. 

Her aim is to always use local brands and local suppliers. 

Having been involved in many different projects ranging from exclusive Island Resorts, Safari Camps, Boutique Hotels and Lodges to architectural plans, renovations and basic interior design for private homes, Cara and her team have impressive experience across all areas of architectural design. Where extra hands and a spare pair of eyes are needed, Cara employs a highly skilled part-time team, suited to the project.

Where possible Cara employs local talent found in the community she is building in, to create signature pieces that have been carefully designed to help bring your space together. By employing locals, Cara not only creates job opportunities, but also generates income for the local community.

“We firmly believe that architecture should depict the area that it surrounds. “Cara Slater

Our design principles used enhance balance, colour and rhythm within the interior, whilst careful consideration is given to make use of the space in a harmonious and intelligent way. The use of the structure of the building, the finishes and furniture, and lighting are all the fundamental tasks of an architectural designer. All these elements, as well as good communication skills and understanding, help to translate the client’s vision to a tangible reality.

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